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Recruitment of Non-teaching staff Ref. No. – SNCW/353/6-2016 dated 15.02.16 Notice Applications are invited for the posts of Laboratory Attendant...


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Anti Ragging

Ragging is strictly prohibited in Genex B.Ed. College campus. In order to avoid any unpleasant incident arising from ragging, an anti-ragging squad has been made in college which keeps strict vigilance on the campus. Ragging is prohibited as per the decision of the Honorable Supreme Court of India in Writ Petition no. (C) 656/1998 Students are advised not to indulge in any such event. Student/s if found guilty will have to face severe consequences, which could go to the extent of expulsion from the college and penal action as may be called for in terms of law.
As per the directions of the Honorable Supreme Court, it is mandatory for all the students of B.Ed. to submit the affidavit signed by students and his/her parents also as per the Performa specified by the court.



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Very recently College Library has conducted Library Orientation Programme

Faculties & post-graduate trainees are requested to submit

Youth Parliament Inter-College Quiz Competition