Genex B.Ed. College was established in the year 2014, affiliated to the University Of Burdwan for session of 2020- 2022 and next Continuation for admission of 2021-23 session affiliated by the The West Bengal University Of Teachers' Training, Education Planning And Administration.

Genex B.Ed. College is situated in the Chinsurah Railway Station,i.e. in the main line of Howrah - Bandel, Howrah -Bardhaman, Howrah - Katwa. The Institute is just on the Chinsurah st. Road at Amarpur khalarmath Stoppage. It is well connected by bus, autorikshaw & trekker from Chinsurah St. It is one Km. away from Chinsurah St.

The College is co-educational and at present has a capacity of 100. The College possess an efficient infrastructure which includes spacious and well lit classrooms, Science laboratories , language lab, computer room, recreation room, auditorium, and a spacious ground. The College has a well-stocked library possessing a rich collection of reference books and journals.


The College aims to educate the common masses and to enlighten the area with the concept of the best cultural tradition of our country. Its rural location supports the cause of socially and economically backward students based upon a firm foundation of humanitarian world view.


Expansion of modern scientific education system along with value oriented curriculum and to provide philosophic view of life.


Why go anywhere else when you find Exceptional education & Exceptional values at one place?
Be exceptional.

Genex B.ed College, a premier institute of Teachers’ Training, affiliated to Burdwan University, in Chinsurah Hooghly, was inaugurated by Genex Suptendu Memorial Group in the year 2014. Then we never looked back, in 2014 we started with 100 intake (students) capacity, which turned into 150 in 2016 as a reward of our infrastructural development and in 2017, we were awarded with 50 more seats (in total 200 students) by NCTE after qualitative and quantitative evaluation of our college.

This is a co-educational institute, offers Bachelor of Education programme. GBC holds a prestigious place in the university good book for producing students who become rank holders in the university's examination of teacher education through years after years.
Being a leading institution of teacher education, we are committed to educate, enlighten and empower aspiring teachers with professional twenty-first-century skills. We are a college that is emerging as a centre of excellence in teacher education. In changing times, along with technological development and emerging digital world, the role of teachers is also changing. To live up to this transformation, we are always ready to take necessary steps to cope up.
Last but not the least "Teachers can change life with the right mix of chalk and challenges" - Come, let's take the challenge and serve the society with utmost care and perfection.

Secretary’s Desk

"Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression." - Dr. Hiam Ginnot
Every student is unique.
What they study, as well as when, where, and how they choose to pursue their education will impact their future. That's why we have been working since the beginning to deliver something that is customizable and transparent—a tool that provides real information students need to make informed, personalized decisions about their education.
Even before the establishment of the college, we assumed the necessity of qualitative improvement in teacher education as the need of the hour. A teacher with training becomes more confident in executing his assigned tasks. So considering the crying need of a quality teachers' training institute, GENEX B.ED COLLEGE is built in Sugandha, Polba, Hooghly, as the fruit of hardcore efforts (almost 5-6 years) of the founder committee.
We are blessed with a visionary management, a bunch of supremely talented, dedicated and enthusiastic faculties, a handful of loyal and skilled non-teaching staffs whose uniform aims are to provide a holistic platform for teaching, learning, sports, culture, community outreach, learning resources and focused training for career and employment.
The continuous, comprehensive and collaborative efforts of the management, faculty, students, alumni have cultivated a culture that is full of contentment and belongingness. Each endeavour undertaken on the campus or off the campus is considered as precious and these moments and memories are like the sacred thread that keeps us together as GENEX FAMILY.

Principal's desk

An educational institution performs a significant function of providing learning experiences to lead their students from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge.
Genex B.ed College is committed to excellence and ensures comprehensive professional practices. The programmes offered are diverse and inclusive, producing engaged student teachers who are involved in leadership roles. This experiential learning proves to be highly reflective and embeds values like Multiculturalism, Team Spirit, Eco friendliness etc.
GBC family hones the talents of these young professionals who practice these values and multiply these invaluable lessons through the cultural activities.
"YOU're one of a kind, So are WE!" - this line is the main source of inspiration and we constantly working harder to create an environment that fosters competitiveness, creative thinking and innovation.

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