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Infrastructural facility

Land & Building: The institution has acquired 3,636 sqaure meter of land & the instution is established 3,033 square meter or 32,647 square feet of building. The instution has open yards for multi- purpose play ground.  

The institution is continuing in acquiring land and trying to build a upgraded & flexible infrastructural facilities. 

Common Room: We have one common room for boys & one for girls where they have a spacious room for their practice sessions before any events or cultural activities. Many students gathered in common rooms for completing their class projects. It is the main place where students can have their own internal meeting on academics & non- academic activities. In these room students have proper bathroom & water facilities for their flexibility. Students can also enjoy music in their common room with proper guidelines. 

Seminar Hall (Auditorium): Genex B.Ed college have their own Auditorium cum Seminar hall which cover a large area in the campus. If we talk about the campus life of the students then these is one of the most high lighted place to remember. This place is also used for the Inter College fest & Other Corporate Events. 

Class Room: We have eight number of advance classrooms with proper sound & mic facilities. Just to understand the size of the classroom size we can say that in each clasrooms 100 numbers of students can easily be seated. 

Smart Classroom: On passing of every year the concept of Smart Classrooms has became mandatory.for every colleges in India. We have only one smart classroom for students where they can have their Audio-Visual Classes with utmost comfortability. 

Multipurpose Hall: We have one number of Multi-purpose hall which is very useful side by side with the seminar hall. The main purpose of the hall is for any academic & non academic activities or sessions.  

Multi Play Ground: Every year our Annual Atheletic Meet take place on the multi-playground, where students can enjoy their event lavishly due to its large area & close communication with our main building. 

Parking Facilty: We have 1500 sqft parking facilities for the students, teachers, guardians & visitors.

LAB Facilities: We have 5 labs in our premises which consits of: 

Co- curriculam social science lab : 02 | Mathametics lab: 01 | Computer Lab: 01 | Physical education lab: 01

Art & Craft room: These room is for the students who partcipates & engage themselves in the Art & SUPW sessions. Even all the handi crafts of the ex students has been showcased for good memories & learning for the freshers.

Music Room: Music room is basically for the students who does their song reahersals in a group or solo with musical instruments or sound track with full guidance of a mentor or a teacher. Particularly B.Ed student have their special music classes every week which is an essential part of their education. 

Bathroom: We have 6 bathrooms in our B.Ed campus which is very neat & clean. One bathroom is issued for the outsiders or visitors.

2 bathroom for girls & 2 for Boys & One number of extra bathroom is for the faculties. 

Instructional Facility

Computer Lab , Art and Craft Lab,

Curriculum Lab, Social Sc Lab,

Science and Mathematics Lab,

Health & Physical Education

Resource Center, Music Room.

Library facility

We have a full automated library facility for our students. Students can take any of their subject books or story books from library for 15-16 days for their reasearch, homework & exam preparation after that they need to come & if required they can renew it for few more days. Library is a great help for students for their group studies & it also saves their money in purchasing of new reference & subject oriented books. We also provide Digital-Librabry facilities to each of our students so that they can acess it from their home. Two library teachers are there to assit our students with full co-operation & co-ordination. You can get books of Hindi, Bengali, English & Sanskrit from our library stock. Every students will require Library card to issue any books from our library. 

Total No of Vol - 6498

Book Title-1620/ Journals - 10.

Encyclopedia – 20.

Newspaper – Available.

Photocopy services - Available.

Sanitation facility




Educational Trip

College excursion is one of the important part for the students during their B.Ed preparation. Generally every year we conducted an educational trip to help students in developing their qualitis of resourcefulness,self-confidence, initiative & leadership. It also motivates the students for self-study & research on their subjects. It provides a direct source of knowledge & acquaint with the first hand information. We conduct this excursion generally in the 2nd semester of every session for 3-4 days to visit [places of educational, historical, cultural & technological importance.Parallaly the trainee teachers gather knowledge & experience about students behavioural activity & potentiality which create a strong bond & communication between them. 

1st Excursion- Puri (Session 2014-15)

2nd Excursion- Rajgir (Session 2015-17)

3rd Excursion- Vizag (Session 2016-18)

4th Excursion- Shillong (Session 2017-19)

5th Excursion- Dooars (Session: 2018-20)

6th Excursion- Dooars (Session: 2019-21)

7th Excursion- Puri (Session: 2020-22)

8th Excursion- Dooars (Session: 2021-23)- upcoming

Cultural Programmes

Cultural programmes has always been a priority part of every students in their education journey. We always maintain a balance between academics & non-academic career which helps an over all personality development. We organise a wide variety of cultural programmes from the establishment year. We have listed the mandatory occasion which we celebrate under the banner of Genex B.Ed College. 

1. Celebration Of BASANTA UTSAV

2. Celebration of G-Fest (Generally, this program organises by our parent group i.e; Genex Suptendu Group where Genex B.Ed College & other colleges participates in the core team for a succesful program. This program is a fusion of our foundation day & teacher day special. 

3. INDEPENDENCE DAY (Same like G- Fest this is also a group event)




7. Celebration of SARASWATI PUJA.

8. ANNUAL ATHELETIC MEET (Inter college sports day- organised by Genex Suptendu Group).

Every year we have noticed that cultural programes are the  great example of student- teachers collaboration activity. 

100% Job Assistance

Before taking admission generally most of the parents are concerned regarding job campusing after the completion of course. Let be very clear that we only provide 100% JOB ASSISTANCE for the students to get a stable & secure career. We help & guide our students to make a their own contacts through their cultural & social activities, internet & social media, practice session, education trip, college fest & other ways. Our faculties always shows our students how & where to apply for jobs even few good & remarkable students also get personal references from our teachers during their job application.

Presently, B.Ed course is mandatory for appearing W.BTET  & CTET. In SSC, PSC CSC (for teachers-training college) & all private schools, private B.Ed & D.Ed college. In School Inspector position B.Ed course is mandatory. After passing out from Genex B.Ed college almost 85% students get jobs in the above mentioned field. Passsed out students with good marks also get recruited by our parent group/organisation (Genex Suptendu Group) for our own institutions.  

Scholarship Facilities


We have been issuing scholarship for the poor & meritorious student. Every year we invest around Rs 3 lakhs rupees for this noble purpose. G.S.G Student-Scholarship Program is already been issued to 500 students.

The major eligibility criteria of the students scholarship program are given below:

1. Last qualification marks should be of 75% & above.

2. Any applicants having a family income of 6000/- is allowed for the scholarship facility. 

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Others Facilities

  • 1.Free Wi-Fi
  • 2.Visitors Room
  • 3.Pure and Safe drinking water (Aqua guard)
  • 4.Canteen Facility (At a reasonable rate)
  • 5.Cycle/Two wheeler stand
  • 6.Car parking space
  • 7.Safe guard against fire (Well equipped Fire Extinguishers)
  • 8.Medical facility (Doctor available on call)
  • Affidavit
  • Ncte Recognition
  • University Affiliation Certificate
  • Undertaking
  • Fire Safety Certificate
  • Approved Teacher List
  • Approved Building Plan
  • Building Completion Certificate
  • Building Safety Certificate
  • Essential Data Sheet - 7(14).
  • Land Use Certificate
  • Non Encumbrance Certificate
  • Fdr Copy
  • Bank Certificate Form-A

Years of Academic Excellence


Strong Alumni Network